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Green Buildings • Climate-Tech • Corporate Social Responsibility
Accelerating the Low Carbon Economy

Conflux Canada is Ottawa’s largest gathering of sustainability professionals who recognize positive actions to address climate change as an opportunity for growth and prosperity. Join Executives, change makers and thought leaders in Ottawa for an exciting dialogue on the convergence of the environment and the economy. Be part of the change.

Conflux Canada is the meeting point of green buildings, clean technologies, and the influence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to shape our cities, create efficiencies and cut our carbon footprint. This event promises collaboration and actionable dialogue to source opportunities that will impact our lives and future generations.

You will ignite relationships with influencers of Canada's Green Economy. Connect with key decision makers, C-suite executives, investors, media and more during this inspirational event.


“The Conflux Canada Conference provided a unique opportunity to network and exchange ideas with thought leaders and Sustainability professionals from across the country.”

Dennis Fortinos,
Executive Chairman North America, Enwave Energy Corporation

“The inaugural event in 2017 brought together representatives of the 3 levels of government with industry leaders and experts in the field of sustainability to identify actionable next steps in the global effort to reduce GHG's”

Andrew I. McAllan, MBA
Head of Real Estate Management Oxford Properties Group

“My panel talked about making Ottawa better by collaborating and being bolder, Conflux was exactly the right venue to put that message into hundreds of decision makers”

Bruce Lazenby
Head of Business Development Regional Group of Companies


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